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Residential Rates


$0.30 per square foot

  • Wall to wall carpets are $0.30 per square foot
  • The minimum charge is $115.

Area Rugs

$100.00 Minimum On Site

  • The minumum charge for an on-site cleaning of area rugs is $100.
  • Area rugs (oriental etc.), when taken off-site, are cleaned at the rate of $1.25 per sq ft for one side
  • $1.75 per sq ft for two sides.
  • The minimum charge for area rugs that are under 4x8 is $50.00.


$3.50 Per Stair

  • Average 12 step staircaise $42


10% discount for return customers and customer referrals.

Family Couch


Love Seat


Single Cushion Chair




Dining chair cushionseach


Commercial Carpet Rates


$100.00 minimum

  • The minimum charge is $100. for the first 500 square feet
  • After that the rate is $0.30 per square foot.

Office Chairs

$15.00 each

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Organic Choice Carpet Cleaning is a Eastbay business and offers both local and extended carpet cleaning service to those in our area.


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